Monday, July 26, 2010

Nixon Is Walking!!!!!

Nixon has been walking for the past month, I am so bad at this blog thing. She started taking steps around fathers day and soon after decided she was ready to walk.... It has become more of a run now. She is already great at the art of dodging mom and running away. I always knew she was an independent little soul but now I know for sure she is! She thinks she is pretty hot stuff playing with all of her cousins and getting into ever drawer possible. We are still working on going down the stairs and eating vegetables, but hey she is happy!


  1. GO Nixon!! She totally kicked Austin's butt on the walking. Awesome. Hope you're feeling alright. Nixon has such a Megan look to me...

  2. I can't believe it! way to go nixon!!!

  3. It's so fun when they start to walk and that will be so nice to only have to carry one baby... nice timing Nixon! She is so cute!