Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Last day you will see this belly!

SO We are induced Thursday the 23rd, so enjoy this picture to see how huge I really did get! I laugh so hard when people tell me "you don't look like you are even pregnant".... hmmm really??? or even better "so you are having twins right?". All of these comments plus more make me so ready to not be pregnant. I feel like I have been the last 2 years. I know I cried when I found out and was a bit overwhelmed, but I am so so happy we are having a little boy come to our home. Ill keep you posted when Henry Tyler Shaw makes his debut. I am crossing my fingers he is under 9 pounds and does not have a huge noggin like his dad!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Since August flew by....

SO August flew by and I never updated on anything..... Number one for the month is Nixon turned 1! I CAN NOT believe she is one already. This past year has been such a blessing being her mom and I can not picture life without her. She is growing up so fast and really becoming the big sister. Her Nicknames so far are monkey and miss independent. Tyler has some other names for her like tooters and turd ( which I hate). Gives you a little glimpse into how fast she is becoming a little girl. She has mastered walking/running and is on to climbing, everything. Her verbal skills suprise me everyday when she decides to mimic something we say and does it pretty well. Our favorite words she says are please, papa bob, bubble, happy, and when we ask her to say henry she says baby. I love so many things about her but here are a few of the things........

* Her one in a million smile, and how happy she is almost always. She is so excited to be alive. and makes me happy everyday.

*She is no longer on formula .... this has been great, almost off bottles all together... almost

*She loves the water like her mama and is so happy in any form of water. She is quite the dare devil and I know we will need to teach her to swim early.

* She is sleeping like a champ, down at 8 until 9 the next morning. I feel like I just got my nights back and they are soon to be rocked all over again.

*Her thighs ... enough said!!!

* She has enough hair to do fun pig tails and side ponies, or mohawks like tyler like to do. Can you tell how much she enjoys it.

* Loves her grandpas and grandmas.... She gets so excited to see them and get spoiled by them.

* HAd her first black eye and didnt even cry. She is quite the tough cookie, but dont get me wrong she can melt down over something silly in an instant. Picture below is actually 2 weeks after the incident. Still Dont know what happened she just came up to me and had a big bump on her eye.

* She adores her daddy. She misses him a lot.

We truly have been blessed and are happy! Tyler is enjoying school, not so much school and work together. We are anxiously awaiting baby number two... anyday now!!!!! I wish it was today but who am I kidding. Ill post a belly picture soon, its huge and I mean it.