Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Last day you will see this belly!

SO We are induced Thursday the 23rd, so enjoy this picture to see how huge I really did get! I laugh so hard when people tell me "you don't look like you are even pregnant".... hmmm really??? or even better "so you are having twins right?". All of these comments plus more make me so ready to not be pregnant. I feel like I have been the last 2 years. I know I cried when I found out and was a bit overwhelmed, but I am so so happy we are having a little boy come to our home. Ill keep you posted when Henry Tyler Shaw makes his debut. I am crossing my fingers he is under 9 pounds and does not have a huge noggin like his dad!


  1. Congrats on meeting the world baby Henry!! Can't wait to see more pics :)

  2. Hope the delivery went well and you're doing well at home. Can't wait to see pics of little Henry!