Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas at the Shaws

so I think I have figured out this iPad thing..... I think! Christmas was so fun, we stayed here with my parents and little sister. Nixon loved unwrapping all her presents and everyone else's too. If course her favorite thing was her toothbrushes. I think she is going to be a dentist with the obsession she has with them. Henry was great and had lots of loves from cousins and aunts.

Nixon at the Thomas Christmas party.... She was so funny this day!

Christmas eve and all her glory!

our little buddy.... Oh I love him

she loves her toothbrushes.

Loves her daddy!

We are truly blessed and so thankful for family and friends


  1. So cute! Claire wore a onsie on Christmas Eve that looks almost identical to Nixon's.

  2. Fun Christmas! I can't believe how big Nixon is!

  3. Look at that little Christmas princess !! Love that pic she is so adorable glad you guys had a great Christmas hope to see you soon :)

  4. Nixon and Henry are growing up too fast! We have GOT to get the girls together! Glad you guys had a great Christmas, hope to see you guys soon!