Friday, January 14, 2011

Nixon's new obsessions

The older she gets the more silly she is. We are having a ball being entertained by this little girl..... A very very tired ball :) I am going back to work which means Tyler gets to become Mr mom while I am gone. I know he can do it, but I don't think he realizes how much work the two of them are. Here is just a glimpse of our silly little girl

Always opens the fridge and sits on the bottom. I finally wised up and got a fridge lock.

She is addicted to fruit snacks and will do just about anything for them. Makes my job a little easier.

Tooth brushes especially the ones she sneaks from our drawers.... I caught
her once putting one in the toilet, we all got new toothbrushes that day.

Princess dresses. Not many days go by that she does not have one on.... And with that


Along with this bear that she lugs around everywhere.

Eating snow.... She won't move she just plops down and starts eating.

Sitting in the drawer and unloading the tuberware. I no longer have any that match.

She is a happy girl, toothbrush in hand, paci in mouth, the random pink shoe she has to have on, and my boot turned backwards. Just need a dress or tu-tu.

And of course her little brother Henry. She loves him a little too much and I often find her shoving crackers, toothbrushes, drinks, paci, car, really anything in his mouth.

Life is crazy at the moment but so so good. The silly little girl and our sweet red headed Henry make it all worth it. Nothing but smiles
From this little dude!


  1. So cute! What a fun post...a great update from your house and Nixon's silly personality. Glad you're all well. GOOD LUCK going back to work!

  2. I love those two little fun! Give my favorite little Nixon and Henry a squeeze from their Woo!

  3. She is so funny. A lot of work... but so much entertainment! If her and Danny got together they would bring down the house :) What cuties you have!

  4. Meg he is getting so big!! So darling both of them :) hope you can come swimming!!!

  5. Meg! I must see a new post! I know you just have all the time in the world to do one right now lol! xoxo